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Interactive Google ® Tour Maps of Victoria

We have 3 Interactive Google ® Tour Maps of  Victoria to help you explore and plan where you are going to go on your next Victoria caravanning or camping tour, in a Caravan, Campervan, Motorhome or Winnebago.

These Google-based maps can also be found in each of the dedicated Victoria Tour section of this site.

The maps allow you to type a Starting and Ending point for a Tour in Victoria, select your language and Click a [ Get Directions ] button to get a list of the directions for the tour, including distance and estimated travelling time, plus an interactive display of the Tour Path on the map. For each Section of the tour we supply an extensive list of places to visit and explore, or activities you can carry out.

Or you can use the on-map navigation controls to drag the map, zoom in (even right down to street level) and out or change the type of map to Satellite or Hybrid.


Interactive Google Tour Map of Victoria's Goldfields - 8 Day Tour

Interactive Google Tour Map of the Great Ocean Road - 6-8 Day Tour

Interactive Google Tour Map of The High Country - 6 Day Tour

More detailed Interactive Location Maps.

The following pages also have interactive location maps of sections of tours, towns and regions.

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 Exploring Ballarat
 Ballarat : Bendigo
 Exploring Bendigo
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 Exploring Stawell
 Stawell : Melbourne
 Melbourne : Apollo Bay
 Explore Apollo Bay
 Apollo Bay : Port Fairy
 Explore Port Fairy
 Port Fairy : Portland
 Portland : Hamilton
 Hamilton : Melbourne
 Melbourne : Wangaratta
 Explore Wangaratta
 Wangaratta : Bairnsdale
 Explore Bairnsdale
 Bairnsdale : Melbourne




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