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Travelling between Port Macquarie & Byron Bay
Places to Go, Things to See

Port Macquarie - Byron Bay (3.5 hrs travel)
The next destination is Byron Bay, but on your way there consider taking a brief pause at Fredrickton to take in the views at the Collombatti Lookout (360 degrees of Macleay River Valley) and admire the historic buildings  such as the hotel, Public School and Headmasters Residence.
Next up is Macksville where you'll find Mary Boulton's Pioneer Cottage (recreation of early settlers buildings), more beautiful surf beaches and some great fishing in the Nambucca River.

At Nambucca Heads more of the North Coast's beautiful unspoilt beaches await you, so why not enjoy them via the Lions Riverfront Walk where you can see the very unusual Vee wall (a concrete breakwater where holidaymakers have recorded their impressions of the town).  The history of the town and region can be seen at the Historical Society Museum (historical records, photographs, aboriginal artefacts, pioneer built Bullock Wagon) while nearby Gordon Park rainforest will delight many.

The town of Urunga has the Honey Place where you can see busy bees at work in glass hives, see honey extraction being done and walk amongst the lush fernery on the property.  Nearby Kalang river where you can catch bream is a great opportunity for fisherman.
Perhaps stop at Sawtell for a round of golf at the Bonville International Golf Club or relax at either Bongil Bongil National Park or Coffs Coast State Park.
Coffs Harbour is definitely worth a pause in your journey.  The Big Banana Theme Park Horticultural World with its Big Banana out front has multi-media presentations on the industry as well as an ice-skating rink and toboggan run.  Not to be outdone, the Pet Porpoise Pool Oceanarium has Seal and dolphin shows, seal kisses and dolphin handshakes, as well as sharks, reef fish and turtles to view. The miniature Dutch village called the Clog Barn will also prove a delight, whether it's riding the railway or browsing the Dutch pottery and large selection of collectable spoons.

From a historical aspect, take some time to visit George's Gold Mine (a working re-creation of early gold diggings), the Coffs Harbour District Historical Museum, or ride the Glenreagh Mountain Railway.  View art at the Coffs Harbour City Gallery or the Bunker Cartoon Gallery (for something slightly different).  The Natural history of the area can be see via the Syndicate Ridge Walking Track, Pine Creek State Forest, Bindarri National Park (which includes many spectacular waterfalls) or arranging to visit the Solitary Islands Marine Park (includes sign-posted areas where fishing, diving and collecting are allowed).  If you just want to relax the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden, the beautiful pristine beaches or a round of golf at the Coffs Harbour Golf Club may beckon to you.

Next onward is Woolgoolga where you can see the serene Guru Nanak Sikh Temple (one of the first built in Australia), the natural beauty of Wedding Bells State Forest and Yuraygir National Park, more beautiful Beaches and local art on display at the Woolgoolga Art Gallery.
Grafton has some fine art and crafts to see with the Grafton Regional Art Gallery (which includes photographs from the Lindt collection), the Bentleg Market and Gallery (highlighting local artists and craftspeople) and the Clock Tower Gallery.  The areas heritage begins to come alive via the Grafton Heritage Trail as well as the Schaeffer House Museum, the Glenreagh Memorial Museum and the beautifully preserved Saraton Theatre Grafton with its historic, iconic interior reflecting the golden age of cinema and where they are still regularly screening films.  For Natural wonder consider a visit to Washpool National Park or in the middle of town Susan Island  where one half is rainforest and has the largest fruit bat colony in southern hemisphere with a walking track leading to the other half where there are excellent picnicking facilities.

At Maclean visit the Bicentennial Museum and Stone Cottage (folk museum) and walk the Heritage trail.  Also to be enjoyed are the Maclean Lookout and Bundjalung National park.

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Port Macquarie and Byron Bay. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Port Macquarie
  • Telegraph Point
  • Stoney Park Watersports & Recreation complex (fishing, water sports, wakeboard & waterski school)
  • Kempsey
  • Trial Bay Gaol
  • Macleay River Historical Society (regional history)
  • Apex Historical Lookout
  • Rudder Park Lookout
  • Woodshed (local crafts)
  • Macleay River Museum And Settlers Cottage
  • Yessabah Nature Reserve (Limestone Karst features)
  • galleries
  • Fredrickton
  • Collombatti Lookout (See Macleay River Valley, historic buildings)
  • Macksville
  • Mary Boulton's Pioneer Cottage
  • Fishing in Namboucca River
  • surf beaches
  • Nambucca Heads - beautiful unspoilt beaches
  • Gordon Park rainforest
  • Historical Society MuseumRiverfront Walk
  • Vee wall breakwater
  • Urunga
  • Honey Place (glass bee hives, honey extraction)
  • Fishing for Bream in the Kalang River
  • Sawtell
  • Bongil Bongil National Park
  • Bonville International Golf Club
  • Coffs Coast State Park
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Big Banana Theme Park
  • Pet Porpoise Pool Oceanarium (Seal and dolphin shows, Sharks, Reef fish, turtles, beaches)
  • George's Gold Mine
  • North Coast Regional Botanic Garden
  • Clog Barn (miniature Dutch village and railway)
  • Solitary Islands Marine Park
  • Glenreagh Mountain Railway
  • Coffs Harbour City Gallery
  • Coffs Harbour District Historical Museum
  • Bunker Cartoon Gallery
  • Syndicate Ridge Walking Track
  • Pine Creek State Forest Coffs Harbour Golf Club
  • Bindarri National Park (spectacular waterfalls)
  • Woolgoolga
  • Guru Nanak Sikh Temple
  • Wedding Bells State Forest
  • Beaches
  • Yuraygir National Park
  • Woolgoolga Art Gallery
  • Grafton
  • Grafton Regional Art Gallery (Lindt collection)
  • Washpool National Park
  • Glenreagh Memorial Museum
  • Bentleg Market and Gallery
  • Clock Tower Gallery
  • Schaeffer House Museum
  • Grafton Heritage Trail
  • Susan Island (rainforest, largest fruit bat colony)
  • Saraton Theatre Grafton (historical interior)
  • Maclean
  • Bicentennial Museum and Stone Cottage
  • Bundjalung National park
  • Maclean Lookout
  • Heritage Trail

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