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Exploring Port Macquarie
Places to Go, Things to See

Port Macquarie (2 days stay)
Rich in both beautiful coastland and settlement history, Port Macquarie will prove a delightful place to stay.  Its history comes alive through such places as St Tomas' Anglican Church (built by Convict labour in 1824), the Mid North Coast Maritime Museum (chock full of memorabilia, models, charts and photographs), the Port Macquarie Historical Society (the building built circa 1836 and with over 20,000 artefacts in their collection such as convict made furniture, early shop windows, historic clothing etc.) and the Port Macquarie Museum (full of convict era artefacts and more) to name just a few. The Kooloonbung Creek Nature Reserve and Historic Cemetery may be worthy of a thoughtful pause as you walk among the graves of the early settlers of the region.

The surrounding areas abundance of wildlife can be seen by visiting the Macquarie Nature Reserve Koala Hospital, especially if you arrive at feeding time, and at the Billabong Koala Breeding Centre where you can see various farm and native animals, beautiful birds including talking cockatoos and you can pat the koalas or just relax near the Koi Carp filled lily ponds.

The other natural wonders of Port Macquarie are on display at the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre (three types of rainforest including one of few remaining coastal pockets and many endangered species of flora and fauna), the Lake Innes Natural reserve, the amazing vistas of the Goal Point Lookout and the Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve (a short ferry trip across the Hastings river) where you can enjoy swimming, bushwalking and abundant wildlife.
Enjoy a Camel Ride on Lighthouse Beach, a game of Hydro Golf or for the more serious visitor a round at the Emerald Downs Golf Course.  Finally, the Port Macquarie Observatory has wonderful displays to bring alive the night sky.

Nearby Wauchope is worth a side-trip with Timbertown (a pioneer village recreation of 1880's).  You can also travel slightly further to see amazing views from Bago Bluff and the natural beauty of the Boorgana Nature reserve, Werrikembe National Park & Willi Willi National Park (walking trails, rainforest) and the majestic Ellenborough falls at Bulga Plateau.
Also not too distant is Telegraph Point and enjoying the facilities at the Stoney Park Watersports & Recreation complex which include fishing and other water sports and include a wakeboard & water-ski school.

Only slightly further on (only forty five minutes form Port Macquarie) is the town of Kempsey whose rich history can be seen by visiting the Trial Bay Gaol and Monument, the Macleay River Historical Society (for regional history) and the Macleay River Museum and Settlers Cottage.  Kempsey is also home to the factory where the iconic Akubra Hat is made (unfortunately not open to the public) and a video about the factory can be seen at the Kempsey visitor centre.  The specatcular landscapes formed by Limestone Karsts can be seen at the Yessabah Nature Reserve, while the views are phenomenal from the Apex Historical Lookout and the Rudder Park Lookout.  Don't forget to browse a number of local galleries as well as the Woodshed where local crafts are on offer.

These are some of the great destinations to see while exploring Port Macquarie. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Port Macquarie
  • Historical St Tomas' Anglican Church (built by Convict labour)
  • Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve (swimming, bushwalking, wildlife, Lighthouse beach, Camel Rides)
  • Macquarie Nature Reserve Koala Hospital (feeding time)
  • Sea Acres Rainforest Centre (3 types of rainforest, endangered species)
  • Port Macquarie Museum - convict era artefacts
  • Goal Point Lookout - amazing vistas
  • Play Hydro Golf
  • visit Emerald Downs Golf Course
  • Port Macquarie Observatory
  • Kooloonbung Creek Nature Reserve
  • Kooloonbung Creek Historic Cemetery
  • Mid North Coast Maritime Museum
  • Port Macquarie Historical Society (convict made furniture, clothing etc),  
  • Billabong Koala Breeding Centre (farm and native animals)
  • Lake Innes Natural reserve
  • Wauchope
  • Timbertown (Pioneer village)
  • Views from Bago Bluff
  • Boorgana Nature Reserve
  • Werrikembe National Park
  • Willi Willi National ParkEllenborough Falls
  • Kempsey
  • Trial Bay Gaol and Monument
  • Macleay River Historical Society (for regional history)
  • Macleay River Museum and Settlers Cottage
  • Akubra Hat Factory
  • Kempsey Visitor Centre
  • Yessabah Nature Reserve (Limestone Karsts)
  • Apex Historical Lookout
  • Rudder Park Lookout
  • Woodshed (local crafts)
  • Local Galleries


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