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Travelling between Kingaroy & Gympie - Places to Go, Things to See

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Kingaroy to Gympie (2 hrs Travel)
Travelling onward to Gympie, and in passing Wooroolin consider stopping to stretch your legs and enjoy the walking trails of the Wooroolin Wetland where there are hides to enhance your bird watching of the many species in residence. Next you'll come across Tingoora where there is an Automobile Museum that has around 2000 items on display.
At Wondai, the Wondai Museum is filled with local history in the form of memorabilia, a 1954 fire engine, a tool collection, a fascinating reconstructed operating theatre from the Old Wondai Hospital, the bugle played at the surrender of Japanese First Army among other things.  With eye-catching Dingo Sculptures out the front, the Wondai Shire Art Gallery (Originally a station master's residence circa 1900) holds new exhibitions monthly, has local crafts for sale, and displays the work of local school kids at their Kids Korner. There is also an antique shop to browse, and the South Burnett Region Timber Museum has sculptures of a bullocky and his team outside while inside you'll find authentic bullocky memorabilia, photographs, timber examples from the region and a woodcrafter's workshop.
From the town of Murgon consider travelling to the Boat Mountain Conservation Park for its scenic drive, walking trails, panoramic views and the chance for birdwatching and see the varied flora and fauna. You can enjoy some fossicking at nearby gem fields where you could find agate, amethyst or quartz or enjoy some fishing at Bjelke-Peterson Dam. Murgon also has the Queensland Dairy Industry Museum where you can see cheese and butter making equipment and diary and laboratory displays. For something really different there is also the possibility of a tour of nearby Cherbourg Emu Farm, run by Aboriginal Community, which also has a range of Aboriginal crafts for sale.

Near Goomeri, which has a variety of antique stores to enjoy perusing, are the lovely Kinbombi Falls with picnicking facilities and barbecues, swimming and lookouts.
At Kilkivan there is the Mount Clara Copper Smelter ruins for an impression of early mining in the region and the Kilkivan Shire Museum which has ore and mineral samples, a collection of tools, historical documents and where the rooms are furnished in historically accurate ways. You can also go gold panning, or visit Mudlo Gap Conservation Park (great for bird watching) or the Kilkivan Forest Reserve (walking tracks, picnic facilities, lookouts, and lots of flora and fauna to see).

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Kingaroy and Gympie. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Kingaroy
  • Wooroolin
  • Wooroolin Wetland (walking trails, birdwatching)
  • Tingoora - Automobile Museum, 2000 items
  • Wondai
  • Wondai Musuem (local history and memorabilia
  • Dingo Sculptures
  • Wondai Shire Art Gallery (Originally stationmasters residence circa 1900)
  • antique shop
  • South Burnett Region Timber Museum (sculptures, bullocky memorabilia, photographs, timber examples, woodcrafter workshop)
  • Murgon
  • Boat Mountain Conservation Park, (Scenic Drive, Walking Trails, panoramic views, birdwatching, flora and fauna)
  • fossicking in gem fields (agate, amethyst, quartz)
  • fishing at Bjelke-Peterson Dam
  • Queensland Dairy Industry Museum (cheese and butter making equipment, dairy and laboratory displays)
  • Cherbourg Emu Farm Tour (Aboriginal crafts for sale)
  • Goomeri
  • Kinbombi Falls (picnic and barbecue, swimming, lookouts)
  • Antique stores
  • Kilkivan
  • Mount Clara Copper Smelter (ruins)
  • Kilkivan Shire Museum (Ore and mineral samples, historical documents, rooms furnished historically)
  • gold panning
  • Mudlo Gap Conservation Park (bird watching)
  • Kilkivan Forest Reserve (walking track, picnic facilities, lookouts, flora and fauna)
  • Gympie
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