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Travelling between Port Pirie & Wilpena Pound - Places to Go, Things to See

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Port Pirie - Wilpena Pound  (3.25 hrs drive)
Leaving Port Pirie to head for Wilpena Pound, take a break from the journey at Port Germein.  Within the town you will find an Anchor & Plough memorial dedicated to Seafarers and pioneers of district as well as the Port Germein Jetty (the longest in SA, possibly the longest in the Southern Hemisphere) which makes for a great place to stretch your legs.

Nearby the town you will find the interesting Bangor Historic Site which are the ruins of a town that despite all intentions never quite happened and includes an informative plaque.  A great deal of exciting natural history can be found in the surrounding area with the nearby Telowie Gorge Conservation Park (where you can see endangered yellow footed rock wallabies and walk among scenic eucalyptus trees), Winninowie Conservation Park (an internationally significant wetlands where there is excellent bird watching) and the immense Mount Remarkable National Park (rich in flora & fauna including some protected/endangered species, extensive bushwalking and beautiful mountain scenery).

A slight detour from the route takes you to Port Augusta.  Well worth the diversion, the Wadlata Outback Centre in Port Augusta has extensive information and displays concerning regional history & culture of the local Aboriginal people, the early settlers and more.  The Centre also contains comprehensive and essential tourist information regarding safe travel in outback Australia.  Also within Port Augusta there is a  Heritage Walk, a branch of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (which is open for public inspection), the Homestead Park Pioneer Museum (railway and farming history of the region as well as a 130 year old genuine log cabin furnished for the period it was built), the Mclennan Lookout (where Matthew Flinders landed 1802) and the Water Tower Lookout both of which provide excellent views of Spencer Gulf, Hancock's Lookout (a panoramic view of the area) and finally Gladstone Square which makes a great place to stretch your legs (picnic facilities on site).  The nearby Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden is also an excellent place to visit with it's comprehensive and often delightful range of conserved flora from the Australian Desert regions.

Onward from Port Pirie is Quorn where you can also enjoy a Heritage Walk.  The Outdoor Agricultural Implements Museum has an interesting display of historic farm implements, while the nearby Kanyaka Ruins, once a huge wheat property back in the 1800s with hundreds of workers on site, has information plaques and photos that allow you to view the remnants of several of the stone buildings and imagine the station in it's heyday. 

A delightful experience worth the effort is travelling along the Pichi Richi Railway which runs heritage steam trains and restored carriages on scheduled journeys from Quorn.  The trains travel along the oldest remaining section of the Ghan low gauge track, a highly rewarding experience for all ages.

Last stop before reaching Wilpena Pound is the town of Hawker.  The Hawker Visitors Centre (located on the Hawker Motors property) has a range of historic and aboriginal artefacts and gems on display as well as town information.  There is a Heritage Walk to enjoy, Aboriginal Rock Art that can be viewed at Yourambulla Caves and four lookouts (Jarvis Hill, Police Hill, Castle Rock and Camel Hump) that provide excellent views of surround countryside.

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Port Pirie and Wilpena Pound . Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Port Germein
  • Anchor & Plough memorial (dedicated to Seafarers and pioneers)
  • Telowie Gorge Conservation Park (yellow footed rock wallabies, scenic eucalypts)
  • Port Germein Jetty (longest in SA, possibly in Southern Hemisphere)
  • Bangor Historic Site (ruins of a town that never quite happened)
  • Winninowie Conservation Park (internationally significant wetlands, bird watching)
  • Mount Remarkable National Park (flora & fauna, endangered species, camping, bushwalking, beautiful mountain scenery)
  • Port Augusta (slight Detour)
  • Wadlata Outback Centre (extensive regional history & culture including Aboriginal, early settlers),
  • Heritage Walk
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service (open for public inspection)
  • Homestead Park Pioneer Museum (railway and farming, 130 year old log cabin, furnished)
  • Mclennan Lookout (Where Matthew Flinders landed 1802 - Spencer Gulf)
  • Water Tower Lookout (view of Spencer Gulf)
  • Hancock's Lookout (panoramic views of area),
  • Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden (Flora of Australian Desert)
  • Gladstone,
  • Gladstone Square (picnicking facilities)
  • Quorn
  • Heritage Walk
  • Outdoor Agricultural Implements Museum (historic farm implements)
  • Kanyaka Ruins (huge wheat property of late 1800s, remnants of several stone buildings)
  • Pichi Richi Railway (heritage steam trains and restored carriages, journeys on oldest remaining section of the Ghan low gauge track)
  • Hawker
  • Visitors Centre (artefacts and gems
  • Heritage Walk
  • Yourambulla Caves (Aboriginal Rock Art)
  • Jarvis Hill
  • Police Hill
  • Castle Rock Lookout
  • Camel Hump Lookout
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