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Exploring Tamworth
Places to Go, Things to See

Tamworth (2 days stay)
Tamworth, the Country Music Capital of Australia, not surprisingly has a wide range of country music historical and cultural attractions.  Beginning with the Hands of Fame park and Cornerstone (the cornerstone recording in concrete  the hand prints of some 200 country music artists), the Walk a Country Mile Interpretive Centre (covering country music history), the Gallery of Stars Wax Museum (which also has the 12m high Golden Guitar in front), the Australian Country Music Roll of Renown (plaques dedicated to the pioneers of Country Music in Australia) and the Australian Country Music Foundation Museum.

The other areas of Tamworth's history and heritage can be explored by walking the Heritage Trail, exploring the Powerstation Museum (first steam powered electricity generating museum in Australia and celebrates Tamworth having had first electric street lights in Australia in 1888), viewing the Oxley Anchor (the original anchor from Surveyor-General John Oxley's ship as a memorial to where he crossed the Peel River on his expedition to the coast) or by sharing a picnic in the tranquil surroundings of Anzac Park with its memorial and gardens. Also relevant are Bicentennial Park with the history of Tamworth recorded in granite (picnics and pleasant walkways) and the Calala Cottage Historical Complex which has over 200 significant items on display.  Motoring history comes alive at the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum where motorbikes from the 50s to the 80s (including some current limited editions) are on show.

Other attractions in Tamworth include the Oxley Scenic Lookout which provides marvellous views of the city, the natural surrounds of the Kamilaroi Walking Track, the beauty of the Tamworth Regional Botanic Gardens, the fascinating art of the Tamworth City Gallery (one of the oldest regional galleries in NSW) and finally the wildlife at the Endeavour Drive and Oxley Marsupial Park (a sanctuary for Kangaroos, among other animals).
At nearby Gunnedah the Large Koala population allows you to go koala spotting around town as you do the Lions Town Tour (self drive depicting the many points of interest).  Reasonably close contact with the local wildlife is on offer at Waterways Wildlife Park, while those looking for a little more exercise might like to try the Bindea Walking Track (in a big 22k or various shorter loops) may hold attraction as it takes you past a myriad of interesting sights.  For a better feel for the towns culture and history stop by the Gunnedah Rural Museum (farm machinery and firearms) and see the Dorothea Mackellar Memorial Wing (Author of the Poem "My Country") at the Visitors Centre. 

An important historical Aboriginal leader, Cumbo Gunnerah who was a great leader of Gun-e-darr people, is honoured by the Red Kangaroo Memorial which has inscriptions in both the local Aboriginal dialect and in English. Nearby Lake Keepit also makes a range of watersports possible including wind surfing, fishing and power boating to name a few.

These are some of the great destinations to see while exploring Glen Innes. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Tamworth - Country Music Capital of Austraila
  • Heritage Trail
  • Hands of Fame park and cornerstone (hand prints of country music artists)
  • Walk a Country Mile Interpretive Centre (country music history)
  • Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum (50s to 80s and current limited eds)
  • Powerstation Museum (steam powered electricity)
  • Gallery of Stars Wax Museum (12m high Golden Guitar)
  • Australian Country Music Roll of Renown
  • Anzac Park (Memorial and picnicking)
  • Oxley Anchor (Surveyor-General John Oxley's Ship)
  • Oxley Scenic Lookout
  • Tamworth regoinal Botanic Gardens
  • Tamworth City Gallery
  • Endeavour Drive and Oxley Marsupial Park (kangaroo sanctuary, wildlife)
  • Kamilaroi Walking Track
  • Calala Cottage Historical Complex
  • Bicentennial Park (Tamworth history in Granite)
  • Australian Country Music Foundation Museum
  • Gunnedah - Large Koala population
  • Lions Town Tour (self drive, points of interest)
  • Bindea Walking Track (22k or shorter loop)
  • Lake Keepit (wind surfing, fishing, powerboating etc)
  • Dorothea Mackellar Memorial (poet - "My Country")
  • Waterways Wildlife Park (close contact with native wildlife)
  • Red Kangaroo Memorial (honours Cumbo Gunnerah of Gun-e-darr people)
  • Gunnedah Rural Museum (farm machinery and firearms)

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