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Travelling between Adelaide & Port Pirie - Places to Go, Things to See

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Adelaide - Port Pirie (3.25 hrs drive)
On the first leg of your journey enjoy a stop at Kapunda
and follow the ten kilometre Kapunda Heritage Trail. This insightful trail includes a number of historical mining sites such as Map the Miner (and eight metre tall Cornish miner erected to commemorate the contribution of immigrant Cornish miners to the town, the state and copper mining), the Folk Museum (two stories of agricultural and mining displays, scale models and historic vehicles), Bagot's Fortune (museum filled with mining history, models/miniatures and memorabilia) the Gundrys' Hill Lookout (excellent views of the  town and surrounding area) and the Mine lookout and Main Open Cut Mine (where you can walk around and through the open cut mine, read the descriptive displays and can still see the green colouration from surface mineral deposits) among many other interesting things.

Next up is Clare with its many boutique wineries offering cellar door sales and tastings.  The town's rich history can be seen at the Old Clareville Museum (displaying the regions history of winemaking, gift shop and a restaurant) and the Old Police Station Museum (regional history, clothes, furniture, equipment).  The picturesque Clare valley can be enjoyed from the Neegles Rock Lookout while the Billy Goat Hill Lookout provides an excellent view of the town and its surrounds from within.  Also worth a mention is the excellent Clare Golf Course.

The town of Crystal Brook is another excellent opportunity for a break from driving.  The Bowman Park Native Fauna Section a short distance outside of town is a great place to start viewing the town as, aside from the ruins of the Original Crystal Brook Run farmstead there is are beautiful examples of native flora and fauna, a reptile collection and some great walking tracks which help you to view them all. 

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Adelaide and Port Pirie. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Kapunda
  • Kapunda Heritage Trail (mining sites & historic buildings)
  • Map the Miner (8m giant statue of Cornish miner)
  • Folk Museum (agricultural and mining displays, scale models and historic vehicles)
  • Bagot's Fortune (mining history, models/miniatures memorabilia)
  • Gundrys' Hill Lookout (view of town and area)
  • Mine lookout and Main Open Cut Mine (walk around the open cut mine, descriptive displays, mineral deposits)
  • Clare
  • Old Clareville Museum (winemaking, gifts & restaurant)
  • Old Police Station Museum (regional history, clothes, furniture, equipment)
  • Neegles Rock Lookout (Clare valley)
  • and Billy Goat Hill Lookout,
  • Many of wineries
  • Clare Golf Course
  • Crystal Brook
  • Bowman Park Native Fauna Section (flora, fauna, reptile collection, nocturnal animals)
  • Ruins of farmstead of original Crystal Brook Run,
  • Port Pirie
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