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Travelling between Byron Bay & Glen Innes
Places to Go, Things to See

Byron Bay - Glen Innes (4 hrs travel)
Onward now to Glen Innes.   On the way is Lismore whose history and culture can be uncovered at the Richmond River Historical Society Museum with a number of exhibits including Colonial cedar furnishings, aboriginal artefacts and historical photographs.  As part of this, take a moment to visit the Cedar Log Memorial, a giant cedar log placed in memory of the pioneering timber cutters who first settled the town.  Some of the original rainforest that covered the area before historical logging can still be seen at Victoria, Tucki Tucki, Rotary, and Wilson Park Nature Reserves. 

Also nearby is Nightcap National Park with spectacular waterfalls such as Minyon falls and Protestor falls well worth the visit.  With the abundance of natural forest there is also an abundance of native wildlife and the Koala Care Centre treats sick and injured Koalas from the region before releasing them back into the wild while allows visitors to wander through the nursery and see these amazing animals up close.   Also of note is the Lismore Regional Art Gallery, third oldest in NSW, with an impressive collection of local and nationally acclaimed Australian artists including Albert Namatjira.

Next interesting stop is at Casino where you can follow the Casino Heritage Walk and peer into the past at the Casino Folk Museum where they have a large collection of photos, early appliances and historical artefacts.  Even further back into local history are the Aboriginal Rock Engravings which can be found nearby on Tenterfield Road and also Dyraaba Road.  A reflective moment is recommended at the Mafeking Lamp War memorial. Originally created to commemorate local participation in the Boer War (Mafeking was a town successfully relieved from siege during that campaign) further plaques have been added for subsequent wars making it a significant regional monument.  The area's natural history can be sampled beginning at the Platypus Pool where wild Platypus can sometimes be seen in their natural environment in the early morning or late afternoon.  The region's rainforests are represented at the Richmond Range National Park while exotic birdlife can be watched with ease from the viewing platform and walking trails of the Jabiru Geeneebeinga Wetlands.  Further attractions/activities include the Casino Golf Club, Casino RSM (Lawn Bowls), the Skate Park and BMX Track and the Pacific Coast Railway miniature Train.

At Tenterfield you will find a range of historical sites.  There is the Henry Parkes Memorial at the School of the Arts (where he made an impassioned plea for Federation of the Australian states in 1889), a variety of other historical buildings such as the Court House, the Railway Museum, the Thunderbolt's Hideout (natural caves attributed as the home of this notorious bushranger) and the World War II Tank Traps that are a remnant of the Brisbane Line (second line of defence in case of Japanese invasion from the North).  Other military history of the region is reflected in the Centenary Cottage Museum which, aside from local history, includes a memorial to Harry Chauvel whose Light horse regiment served in the Boer War.  Don't leave without considering visiting the Boonoo Boonoo National Park (where you can see Boonoo Boonoo Falls and peek down from the viewing platform to see the water fall (210 metres) or enjoy a picnic at the Basket Swamp Picnic Area), or visit Bald Rock National Park (where you can see Australia's Largest Exposed Granite Rock) or see the view from Mount McKenzie Lookout and see not only the town and its surrounds but into neighbouring Queensland as well.

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Port Macquarie and Byron Bay. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Byron Bay
  • Lismore - Richmond River Historical Society Museum (aboriginal artefacts, historical photographs)
  • Lismore Regional Art Gallery
  • Tucki tucki Nature Reserve
  • Rotary park
  • Victoria Park Nature Reserve (original rainforest)
  • Wilson Park Nature Reserve (original rainforest)
  • Cedar Log Memorial
  • Minyon Falls (Nightcap National Park)
  • Koala Care Centre
  • Casino
  • Casino Heritage Walk
  • Casino Folk Museum (photos, early appliances, artefacts)
  • Platypus Pool (wild Platypus in natural environment)
  • Aboriginal Rock Engravings (Tenterfield Road, Dyraaba Road)
  • Pacific Coast Railway miniature Train
  • Jabiru Geeneebeinga Wetlands (exotic birdlife)
  • Mafeking Lamp (War memorial, Boer War)
  • Casino Golf Club
  • Casino RSM (Lawn Bowls)
  • Tenterfield
  • Henry Parkes Memorial
  • Boonoo Boonoo National Park (Boonooo Boonoo Falls)
  • Basket Swamp Picnic Area
  • Centenary Cottage Museum (Harry Chauvel - Light horse regiment in Boer War)
  • Railway Museum
  • Bald Rock National Park
  • Historical buildings (Court House)
  • Thunderbolt's hideout (bushranger history)
  • World War II Tank Traps
  • Mount McKenzie Lookout
  • Glen Innes
  • Skate Park and BMX Track
  • Richmond Range National Park (rainforest)



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