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Tour information, Locations, Availability of Tourism Sites, etc.

  • While we have attempted to provide information for each suggested tour upon this website that is as accurate as possible we are unable to guaranteethe level of accuracy of the information or that it is either current or complete.
  • We therefore take no liabilityfor any changes to entry fees (or whether an entry fee is charged and not mentioned), other costs, opening times or  any seasonal variations or indeed any variable under the control of another person or organisation, whether stated or implied, that might conceivably affect the quality and enjoyment of your tour.
  • Any time frames suggestedas itineraries for the tours are not intended to imply or in any way suggest that all locations, sites or tours mentioned can be visited within that time frame but are only  suggestions.
  • It is highly recommended that when planning a tour, once destinations have been determined and any sites of interest found, more current information is sought from the Department of Tourism within the appropriate State or the website of the Tourist provider.
  • Please let us know if any of our Tours or information about suggested places to Visit and Explore is inaccurate. We will correct the data promptly.

Listed Suppliers of Accommodation, etc.

  • While we have attempted to verify that each supplier is active at the time of listing, we are unable to guaranteeour information about any supplier is either current or complete.
  • We therefore take no liability for any events that occur or issues that arise in your dealings with them.
  • It is highly recommended that you make the the normal checks and enquiries any consumer would make when contacting any listed suppliers, including checking for positive comments or recommendations and asking to speak to a referree if you need to.

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The information in this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge but time and circumstances can reduce the accuracy of the information we gained with considerable effort.
If you have any feedback or information that can help us improve the accuracy of our pages, please contact us.
if you have any suggestions for tours or enhancement of tours in part of Australia, we would welcome them.
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