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Travelling between Wilpena Pound & Burra - Places to Go, Things to See

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Wilpena Pound - Burra  (3 hrs)
Leaving Wilpena Pound you will again pass through Hawker and, heading towards the town of Burra, pass through the small town of Carrieton.  Nine kilometres North East of Carrieton on the Belton Road are a number of mysterious Aboriginal Carvings to see.  Also nearby are the Horse Shoe Range (with walking trails, lookouts and the Mookra Tower Rock) and the Yanyarrie Whim (the remains of a stone tank and slate trough used as a watering hole by drovers and their herds passing through the district).  A little further on you will pass by Walloway station where there is a memorial for the two railway firemen who died in a head-on train collision in 1901.

Next is the town of Orroroo where you can visit the interesting Yesteryear Costume Gallery and also the Early Settlers Cottage both of which open only by appointment.   A few kilometres outside of the town you can see a monument to Goyder's Line which figuratively separates areas of frequent rain from those of frequent drought and was used in determining safe areas for agricultural development and settlement of South Australia.  Also of interest are the Rock Poems at Pekina Creek (carved into rock 1896 and 1901) and the Tank Hill Lookout.

As you pass through the town of Black Rock you might want to consider diverting to an unusual attraction: at nearby Magnetic Hill a sign suggests parking your car at the bottom of the hill in neutral so that you can "feel your car being pulled uphill".

Next, at Peterborough, there is the old railway workshop converted to become the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre. At the centre you there are displays of locomotive memorabilia depicting what life was like in Peterborough in the early 1900s.  There is also a number of carriages and engine on display and also the opportunity to ride a steam train service that runs between Peterborough, Euralia and Orroroo where you can ride in carriages built between 1917 and 1928 some of which originally saw service on the famous "Ghan" train.  Also at Peterborough are Ivan Ley's Museum with an interesting collection of dolls, bottles, minerals and memorabilia on display as well as Eric Rann's Museum with a range of old stationary engines and industrial artefacts from the 1800's.

Last major town before Burra is Jamestown where you can find out all about the town and a great deal of it's history by following the Town Walk (including history of John Cockburn who went from local doctor to Mayor to South Australia's State Premier during the time of Federation).  Worth visiting is the Jamestown Railway Station Trust Museum which is full of local rail & regional history and the nearby Bundaleer Forest which has walking trails that take you on an enjoyable hike through the historic Radiata pine plantation.

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Wilpena Pound & Burra. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Wilpena Pound
  • Hawker
  • Carrieton
  • Aboriginal Carvings (on Belton Road)
  • Horse Shoe Range (walking trails, lookouts, Mookra Tower Rock)
  • Yanyarrie Whim (remains of a stone tank and slate trough used for a watering hole by drovers)
  • Walloway
  • Walloway Train Memoiral (deaths of two train firemen in train collision in 1901)
  • Orroroo
  • Yesteryear Costume Gallery
  • Early Settlers Cottage
  • Goyders Line (separates areas of rain and drought)
  • Rock Poems on Pekina Creek (carved into rock in 1896 and 1901)
  • Tank Hill Lookout
  • Black Rock
  • Magnetic Hill (feel your car being pulled uphill)
  • Peterborough
  • Jamestown
  • Jamestown Town Walk (history of John Cockburn, local doctor to Mayor to State Premier)
  • Jamestown Railway Station Trust Museum (local rail & regional history)
  • Bundaleer Forest (historic Radiata pine plantation, walking trails)
  • Burra
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