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Exploring Glen Innes
Places to Go, Things to See

Glen Innes  (1 day stay)
Stopping for a day a Glen Innes, make sure to sample the wonderful regional wines and fresh produce, perhaps while enjoying the Glen Innes Heritage Walk (around thirty Heritage listed buildings).  Glen Innes has a very strong Celtic heritage as shown by the Land of the Beardies History House (folk museum, early farm machinery, horse drawn vehicles, photo and artefacts) and the Australian Standing Stones (the official national monument to Australia's Celtic pioneers with food and gifts at the Crofters House).   Local Aboriginal culture is not without representation however with the Cooramah Aboriginal Cultural Centre (arts, crafts and bush tucker). 

Of interesting historical note is the Convict Carve Tunnel, and the mining heritage and rich mineral seems of the region can be discovered first had at Glen Innes Sapphire Centre (where you can view gemstone processing or purchasing of sapphires) or at Wellingrove Fossicking Reserve (find treasure amongst the sapphire-bearing gravel).  The regions flora and fauna are on show within the Washpool National parks rainforests and you can see impressive Granite Tors at the Gibraltar Range National Park.  Watersports (swimming, rapids) can be enjoyed at Mann River Nature Reserve while in the middle of town the Glen Innes Parklands makes for a beautiful picnic area with its picturesque ponds and playground equipment for children to enjoy.

These are some of the great destinations to see while exploring Glen Innes. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Cooramah Aboriginal Cultural Centre (arts, crafts and bush tucker)
  • Land of the Beardies History House (museum, farm machinery, horse drawn vehicles)
  • Glen Innes Sapphire Centre (gemstone processing, sapphires)
  • Wellingrove Fossicking Reserve (sapphire-bearing gravel)
  • Australian Standing Stones (monument to Australia's Celtic pioneers
  • Food and gifts at the Crofters House
  • Heritage Walk (30 heritage listed buildings)
  • Regional produce and wines
  • Washpool National Park (rainforest)
  • Glen Innes parklands (picturesque ponds picnic)
  • Mann River Nature reserve (camping, swimming, rapids)
  • Convict Carved Tunnel
  • Gibraltar Range National Park (granite Tors)

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