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Exploring Byron Bay
Places to Go, Things to See

Byron Bay  (2 days stay)
In recent times Byron Bay became a Mecca for an amazing number of artists and artisans of all different types and so has a slightly alternative flavour to many towns.  The natural splendour of the Byron Bay area is definitely noteworthy with Julian Rocks Aquatic Reserve (diving, photography and very limited line fishing), the Cape Byron walking track and the Broken Head Nature Reserve (subtropical rainforest with walking tracks) along with beautiful beaches and a highly enjoyable social culture.

With Byron Bay as your base, consider venturing to Woodburn, only an hour out from Byron Bay, has Hand Crafted Creatures (work of various artists in area), Woodburn Bowling Club, Wooddburn Evans Head Golf Club, New Italy Museum (cafe, celebration of contribution of Italian immigrants) and Gurragai Arts and Crafts (artwork, clothing and jewellery from local indigenous Bundjalung people, some for purchase)
Also easily accessible from Byron Bay is the Broadwater National Park (contains a lookout, fishing, surfing and varied water sports) and its not very far to reach the Broadwater Bowling Club for a social game.

The nearby town of Ballina also has much to offer. Militaria buffs can enjoy the Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum (ships and armaments of World War II, the fascinating Pacific Ocean traversing raft among other things) but to many the most important activity will be surfing at Lennox Head sometimes referred to as the "Surf capital of the Far North Coast".  Of course, if it's not a good day for surf why not enjoy the facilities of the Ballina Olympic Pool and Waterslide.  For those not wishing to get wet, the scenery around the Richmond River Lighthouse will be rewarding while if visiting between June and October there is a strong chance of seeing Humback Whales Migrating past the coast.  The Natural beauty of the interior of the region is visible at the Victoria Park Nature Reserve where you can enjoy flora and fauna while traversing the Boardwalk and on the banks of Lake Chickiba.  Also worth visiting are the lovely landscapes of the Ballina Pioneer Memorial Park and the Bicentennial Garden.  Finally, for a change of pace, try Ballina Fishing Park stocked with prize quality Bream, Jewfish and other ocean fish for either catch-and-release or to keep.

These are some of the great destinations to see while exploring Byron Bay. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Byron Bay, Australia's Eastern most point
  • Julian Rocks Aquatic Reserve (diving, photography)
  • Cape Byron walking track
  • Broken Head Nature Reserve (subtropical rainforest)
  • Woodburn
  • Hand Crafted Creatures
  • Woodburn Bowling Club
  • Boowdburn Evans Head Golf Club
  • New Italy Museum
  • Gurragai Arts and Crafts - Bundjalung people
  • Broadwater
  • Broadwater National Park
  • Broadwater Bowling Club
  • Ballina
  • Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum (World War II)
  • Pacific Ocean traversing raft
  • Victoria Park Nature Reserve
  • Surfing at Lennox Head
  • Ballina Olympic Pool and Waterslide
  • Ballina Fishing Park (Bream, Jewfish and other ocean fish)
  • Bicentennial Garden
  • Lake Chickiba
  • Richmond River Lighthouse
  • Humpback Whale Migration (June to October)
  • Ballina Pioneer Memorial Park
  • Byron Bay

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