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Travelling between Gympie & Brisbane - Places to Go, Things to See

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Gympie to Brisbane (2.5 hrs Travel)
Travelling back to Brisbane, consider varying slight off route to Eumundi. Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday the Eumundi markets bring the town boisterously alive. A parkland full of stalls showcase artworks and sculptures, crafts, toys, local produce and instruments to name just a few things for sale, not to mention varied different types of entertainment and foods. Eumundi also has art galleries, historic buildings, the Eumumndi Museum (with memorabilia, artefacts, natural history specimens, historical documents and over 3000 local photographs. There is also a Glass blowing gallery where you can see demonstrations, classes are held, and crafts are for sale.
Yandina holds the Australian Country Music Awards Hall of Fame, the Ginger Factory (gifts, a interesting factory tour, the Historic Cane Train, and abundant ginger products of every kind), and Nutworks (videos concerning the macadamia industry, gifts and nut related products as well as the opportunity to view the factory process).

At Nambour check out the Sunshine Plantation distinguishable by the 16m high Big Pineapple which you can climb and where you can ride the Cane train to view tropical plantation or the Nutmobile to view the macadamia orchards. You can also buy tropical fruit, nut products and various gifts and see the animal nursery.
Again slightly off route is Caboolture. The Historical Village in Caboolture has around 70 restored buildings holding 14,000 pieces of historical memorabilia, a Maritime and Military Museum which has replica ships and also some miniature trains. The privately owned Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology (Internationally acclaimed for its quality) has an incredible array of artefacts and artworks from different cultures such as ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe, with over 4000 items spanning 250,000 years of history. Then there is the Airfield and War Plane Museum with its WWII memorabilia, audio visual presentation and a number of different aircraft and military vehicles.

Finally, at the Mount Mee Forest Reserve you can see both Rainforest and Eucalypt Forest as you enjoy the walking trails and lookouts before heading the short distance back to Brisbane for the end of your Southern Outback Tour.

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Gympie and Brisbane. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Gympie
  • Eumundi, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday markets (artworks and sculptures, crafts, toys, local
  • produce, instruments, entertainers)
  • art galleries
  • historic buildings
  • Eumundi Museum (memorabilia, artefacts, natural history specimens, historical documuents, thousands of photographs)
  • Glass blowing gallery (demonstrations, classes, crafts for sale)
  • Yandina - Australian Country Music Awards Hall of Fame
  • Ginger Factory (gifts, factory tour, Historic Cane Train, ginger products)
  • Nutworks (videos, gifts and nut related products, factory processes)
  • Nambour
  • Sunshine Plantation (big Pineapple, Cane train to view tropical plantation, Nutmobile to view macadamia orchards, tropical fruit, nut
  • products and gifts, animal nursery)
  • Caboolture,
  • Historical Village (60+ restored buildings, 13,000+ pieces of historical memorabilia
  • Maritime and Military Museum, replica ships, miniature trains)
  • Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology (artefacts and artworks from different cultures, ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe, 4000+ items over 250,000 years of history)
  • Caboolture Airfield and War Plane Museum (WWII memorabilia, aircraft and vehicles)
  • Mount Mee Forest Reserve, (Rainforest and Eucalypt Forest, walking trails, lookouts)
  • Brisbane
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