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Exploring Port Pirie - Places to Go, Things to See

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Port Pirie (1 day stay)
On reaching Port Pirie make sure to stop at the Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre.  Not only does it provide tourism information but it is a combined building with the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery (containing local pieces as well as touring exhibitions from National Gallery o f Australia) and you can also find a life-size model of the longest White Pointer ever landed in SA waters (with preserved body parts such as jaws and dorsal fins on display), the Pirie Rail express (a 1.2 kilometre miniature railway in the form of a replica of the journey to Broken Hill) and 1000 feet of  model railway track surrounded by a beautiful detailed landscape for you to enjoy.  While at the centre make sure to pick up a brochure regarding the Port Pirie Heritage Walk.

The National Trust Historic and Folk Museum is also an excellent place to visit as it is a combination of three interesting historical buildings:  the Old Customs House (built in 1900), the Old Railway Station (with a scale model of cities lead smelters and a blacksmith display) and the Old Police Station (which has miniature shop fronts to view).

An excellent place for a picnic or contemplative stroll, the peaceful Memorial Park, which contains an anchor from the Schooner John Pirie (for which town is named) is a park dedicated to the Korean, Malayan, Borneo and Vietnam veterans and is thought to be the first park to commemorate all of those recent wars.

There are also tours that can be taken of Port Pirie's Lead Smelter (arranged form tourism and arts centre) which is believed to be the Worlds largest. 
Not forgetting that this is a coastal port, enjoy Solomontown Beach with its lovely picnic facilities, playground and public art or try your hand fishing in Spencer Gulf where offshore fishing can also be arranged.

These are some of the great destinations to see while exploring Port Pirie. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Port Pirie
  • Regional Tourism and Arts Centre
  • Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery
  • Model of the longest White Pointer ever landed in SA waters
  • Pirie Rail express (1.2km miniature railway, Broken Hill)
  • Model railway (1000 feet of track with detailed landscape)
  • Heritage Walk
  • National Trust Historic and Folk Museum
  • Old Customs House (1900 house)
  • Old Railway Station (model of lead smelters and blacksmith display)
  • Old Police Station (miniature shop fronts)
  • Memorial Park (anchor from the Schooner John Pirie)
  • Park dedicated to Korean, Malayan, Borneo and Vietnam veterans
  • Tour World's Largest Lead Smelter (see tourism and arts centre)
  • Fishing and offshore fishing in Spencer Gulf
  • Solomontown Beach - picnic, playgrounds, public art
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