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Travelling between Newcastle & Port Macquarie
Places to Go, Things to See

Newcastle - Port Macquarie (3.25 hrs Travel)
As you then travel onward to Port Macquarie, the town of Raymond Terrace may delight with the Sketchely Pioneer Cottage Museum where you can indulge in local history, the beautiful Hunter Botanic Gardens or take a break from the drive and enjoy a relaxing picnic at Grahamstown Lake or Riverbank Park.
Slightly off route is Williamtown, but with Fighter World (aircraft, engines and armament showing 100 years of military aviation history), the Monarch Historical Museum, (ancient armour, military uniforms, lady's memorabilia, toys, photographs and more) and the whimsical Tomteland Fun Park (based on traditional Scandinavian folklore, there are children's rides, mini golf, waterpark, laser runner and more) there are great reasons to make a detour.

Back on track you'll next approach Bulahdelah.  Here you can enjoy the natural history of Myall Lakes National Park (fishing, sea eagles, koalas, kangaroos and pelicans), visit Nerong State Forest, Bulahdelah Mountain park or Wallingat River Forest Park all of which have wonderful picnic facilities and walking trails.  Don't forget to see the Grandis Tree which at 76m is thought to be NSW's tallest tree.  Local History is on display at the Bulahdelah Court House and can be enjoyed with the Wootton Historical Railway walk.
Continuing onward along the coast you will soon reach the town of Forster.  Great fishing  is available here with deep sea, river, lake, rock, beach for you to choose from. Aside from the spectacular views from Cape Hawke there is much to see with the Curtis Collection (a private collection of vintage cars, machinery, horse drawn vehicles etc), the Pebbly Beach Bicentennial Trail, the Tobwabba Art Gallery (contemporary Aboriginal Art) and Dolphin Cruises.   You can also enjoy the unspoilt beaches of Booti Booti National Park or visit the Forster Art and Craft Centre for a wide variety of local craft.

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Newcastle and Port Macquarie. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Newcastle
  • Sketchely Pioneer Cottage Museum
  • Hunter Botanic Gardens
  • Picnic at Grahamstown lake or Riverbank Park
  • Williamtown - Fighter World (military aviation history)
  • Monarch Historical Museum
  • Tomteland Fun Park (Scandinavian folklore, children's rides, etc
  • Bulahdelah
  • Myall Lakes National Park (fishing, sea eagles, koalas, kangaroos, pelicans)
  • Bulahdelah Court House (museum of Local History)
  • Nerong State Forest
  • Grandis Tree (76m - NSW tallest tree)
  • Wootton Historical Railway walk
  • Buladelah Mountain park
  • Wallingat River Forest Park (picnic, walking trails, etc)
  • Forster - fishing (deep sea, river, lake, rock, beach)
  • Spectacular views from Cape Hawke
  • Curtis Collection (vintage vehicles etc)
  • Pebbly Beach Bicentennial Trail
  • Tobwabba Art Gallery (contemporary Aboriginal Art)
  • Dolphin Cruises
  • Enjoy the unspoilt beaches of Booti Booti National Park
  • Forster Art and Craft Centre (local craft)
  • Port Macquarie

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