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Travelling between Charleville & Roma - Places to Go, Things to See

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Charleville to Roma (3.25 hrs Travel)
On the way to Roma a pause at Morven rewards with the  Morven Museum  which has 20 miniature buildings including a model of the first hotel in Morven as well as a range of historic memorabilia.  There is also the unusual attraction of the Bonsella Tannery tour (open since 1993 and specialising in Kangaroo Skins).  Nearby to Morven is the Tregole National Park (great for bushwalking in the "Dry" rainforest full of the floral species Ooline dating back to ice ages. This is a vulnerable, fragile ecosystem but the park also includes extensive mulga and grassland areas).

Next is Mitchell with a private museum on a working farm that has a range of transport equipment (includes Cobb & Co coaches) and a display of blacksmith tools. The Kenniff Courthouse is a significant historical site within the town with grounds including statues of the bushrangers known as the Kenniff Brothers depicting their capture and trial for murder. The Great Artesian Spa (where you can swim and relax in the therapeutic mineral waters) will please many after so many days of travelling while the opportunity for some fresh air at the Neil Turner Weir (great for Bird Watching and picnics) will be enough for others. Mitchell residents recommend the fishing at Fisherman's Rest (upstream from the weir) and if you decide to enjoy the Maranoa River Walk take a moment to appreciate the Graffiti Arts Project at the Maranoa River Bridge (15 murals depicting past present and future of town)  and don't forget to consider the Mitchell Golf Course if you brought your clubs with you. Next is the town of Amby with the unusual "No Horse" Golf Course set to challenge you.

There is also the Amby Quarry to see which has Pure Basalt from an ancient Lava flow that formed a layer ten metres deep, five kilometres wide and over 60 kilometres long which is used in construction, roads  and bridges.  If you like historic buildings check out the Old Stage Changeover Shanty (circa 1875).
Muckadilla has the Whistlestop Railway Siding which is the original railway station relocated to some parklands, surrounded by native gardens with walking paths, new play equipment and offering local arts and crafts and tourist information. Mucakdilla also features a War Memorial.

These are some of the great destinations to see while travelling between Charleville and Roma. Be sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

  • Charleville
  • Morven
  • Morven Museum (miniature buildings, historic memorabilia
  • Bonsella Tannery tour (specialises in Kangaroo Skins)
  • Tregole National Park (bushwalking, 'Dry' rainforest, mulga and grasslands)
  • Mitchell
  • Park, Museum (farm and transport equipment, Cobb & Co coaches, blacksmith tools)
  • Great Artesian Spa (therapeutic mineral waters)
  • Neil Turner Weir (Bird Watching, picnic)
  • Fishing at Fisherman's Rest (weir, Maranoa River Walk)
  • Graffiti Arts Project at Maranoa River Bridge
  • Kenniff Courthouse (statues of bushrangers - Kenniff Brothers)
  • Mitchell Golf Course
  • Amby
  • 'No Horse' Golf Course
  • See Amby Quarry (Basalt)
  • Old Stage Changeover (circa 1875)
  • Muckadilla
  • Whistlestop Railway Siding
  • Native Gardens with walking paths
  • Mucakdilla War Memorial
  • Roma
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